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The Boiron Frères Young Talents Trophy is an exceptional programme which, in its very scope, is unique in the world. 3 new graduates of hotel and catering colleges will be successively received for four months in the teams of 3 restaurants abroad, run by the Bocuse d’Or Winners. They will share their experience by publishing it on the website of the Boiron Frères Young Talents Trophy and on social networks.

Giving young culinary talents solid professional and personal experience

The Trophy provides an opportunity for three young talents to learn from exceptional chefs in different cultural contexts. It also requires them to produce a high quality narrative and gives the winners the means to improve this requirement. Know-how, the ability to report, curiosity and cultural wealth are indeed real assets to nurture and share their passion.

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Sharing a company’s success part

Les vergers Boiron products are present in the best restaurants worldwide. That is a great French success story and Boiron Frères wishes to share it with the best upcoming chefs in French cuisine, via its corporate Boiron Frères Foundation, and encourage the passing on of know-how.

Alain Boiron, President of the Boiron Frères Corporate Foundation “I know the value of transmission”

One year abroad

The Association of Bocuse d’Or Winners is the partner of the Boiron Frères Foundation for the hosting of the prizewinners. This partnership is supported by a shared determination to transmit and share expertise.
The winners will be monitored by a tutor in each restaurant and a pen-friend designated by the Boiron Frères Foundation. This year will be for them something like a “companionship” year when they will be welcomed into a caring network and introduced to a profession but also to ethical, cultural and human value.

Michel Roth, President of the Bocuse d’Or Winners: “It’s an amazing competition!”


Multimedia reporting

Each winner will have a blog on the Boiron Frères Young Talent Trophy website on which they will post their discoveries and talk about what they learn – in the professional, cultural or personal sphere – at least once a week. There will also be a quality requirement for this aspect.

Preliminary and on-the-job training

The prizewinners will be trained and equipped to satisfy this reporting requirement. Before leaving, they will receive an iPad and attend training session on the basics of how to film and frame shots, edit and write reports. Once they have left, regular remote monitoring will allow them to make progress throughout the year.



What is covered?

The Boiron Frères Foundation will cover winners’ travel costs to their host restaurants, provide video equipment to report and multimedia coaching sessions before they leave.
The winners will benefit from a secured status, will receive compensation and welfare protection (international corporate volunteer or Erasmus+ programmes). They will receive board and lodging from their host establishments.

Who can enter?

A selection of public and private hotel and catering colleges.
Each college will present Boiron Frères Foundation with candidates having the following profile:

  • second year students in Culinary Arts BTS – Option B
  • very good culinary technique
  • curious, open-minded, ambitious and autonomous
  • hard-working and deserving
  • good communications skills
  • mastery of working English


Last update: 26 March 2015