Marie Fourmont
Lycée de la Rochelle
Marie Fourmont
Lycée de la Rochelle
Marie Fourmont
Lycée de la Rochelle
Marie Fourmont
Lycée de la Rochelle
Marie Fourmont
Lycée de la Rochelle
Marie Fourmont
Lycée de la Rochelle


“I’ve always wanted to do lots of things. I didn’t know what to choose!” Marie is incredibly inquisitive. She wants to understand, know and experiment with everything. So, what job should she choose? At the last year of high school – studying science and engineering subjects – she was attracted to engineering but also psychology, art therapy and even water tasting! One thing leading to another, she decided “I’m going to be a sommelier”. Her father had introduced her to wine during their holidays since she was old enough to partake. She found it fascinating. She therefore enrolled for an updating course (MAN). “At my first cooking class, even before we started, we were just standing in front of the cooker with the equipment, our aprons on, and I fell in love on the spot. It was an incredible emotion, a revelation… And the more I move forward, the more obvious it seems. I’ve found my way”.

During her two internships in luxury hotels, Marie has grasped the opportunities offered to her. At the four-star Cap Ferret Hôtel, working on bistronomic cuisine, she enjoyed the chef’s total trust and, for her first work experience, found herself working independently, covering purchases to assembly, in a role very close to management.

In Corsica, at the Hôtel Miramar (5-star), she worked in all positions, proving her worth and was even promoted as chef for one evening. The chef wanted her to experience this management experience. With just three years’ catering training behind her, she is already passionate about the operational aspects, the organisation of teams and even hygiene.

But her dream is to travel! Far away. She prepared her parents for that many years ago and already has a significant humanitarian overseas experience behind her: one month in a village in Burkina Faso. With the Boiron Frères Young Talents Trophy, she finally takes the plunge! Into gourmet cuisine and international teams. Marie can’t wait experience it all and tell her stories. “Boiron Frères Corporate Foundation has given us an amazing opportunity. I want to share this experience with as many people as possible, to make them want to leave, be at the top of their game and be ready and willing all the time. It’s the only way we have to thank them”. Her only apprehension is her phobia of eels which she fears she will have to cook in Belgium… But we believe that this Trophy year should pan out well for Marie.


Photos : Umami, Ginko

Autumn log




Ingredients Quantities
Fillet of smoked haddock 0,2 Kg
Liquid cream 0,03 L
Eggs 8
Milk 0,510 L
Potimarron 0,350 Kg
Mushrooms 0,100 Kg
Shallot 0,025 Kg
Chopped walnuts 0,030 Kg
Red peppers 0,850 Kg
Peas 0,350 Kg
Radishes QS
Chives QS
Flouor 0,02Kg
Green colouring QS
Gelatine 0,026 Kg
Chestnut flour 0,15 Kg
Olive oil 0,01 L
Ginger 0,01 Kg
Mustard QS
Horseradish QS
Sugar 0,12 Kg
Salt 0,01 Kg
Les vergers Boiron Ginger speciality 0,01 Kg
Les vergers Boiron Red Pepper puree 0,05 Kg


Pumpkin puree
Dice the pumpkin.
Cook in the steam oven for 15 minutes, then strain.
Soften the gelatine, add to the warm pumpkin and add the Ginger speciality.
Whip the cream and fold in.

Smoked haddock rillettes insert
Pouch the fillets in half milk-half water, remove the skin and chop the flesh. Finely chop mushrooms into a “duxelles”, add the smoked haddock with some whipped cream, the mustard and horseradish. Form a cylindrical insert in plastic film, freeze.

Mix the chestnut flour, chopped walnuts, eggs, sugar, olive oil, salt. Pour the preparation onto a sheet and bake for 3 to 5 minutes. Cut into a rectangular shape. Set aside.

Dilute ladles of 2 red pepper puree with 6 ladles of hot water. Soften the gelatine and dilute in the hot preparation. Strain.

Boil the peas, blend and strain.

Mini sponge cake
Mix the eggs, sugar, flour. Strain. Add the green colouring. Pour into the siphon and fill a notched plastic cup to 1/3, leave to rest. Cook in the microwave at the last minute.

Assembly and presentation
Fill half of the gutter with the pumpkin foam, then position the smoked haddock rillettes insert and cover with the mousse. Place the sponge on top. Freeze, ice the log, freeze, decorate with mushrooms, radishes and the mini sponge cake. Decorate with drops of coulis.

Last update: 21 March 2017