Pablo Leveau
Lycée Hôtelier in Le Touquet-Paris-Plage
Written test
Pablo wrote a beautiful portrait of his Chef, Jérôme Dubois.
Pablo in the kitchen
Pablo's recipe
Scallop tartare aspic with mandarin, creamy butternut squash, praline and scallop chaud-froid



I grew up among these manual and gastronomic trades. My parents are craftsmen in pastry and made us discover – my sister and me – haute-cuisine in the highest quality restaurants.

I passed a Bac ES* followed by a MAN* at the Lycée Hôtelier of the Touquet-Paris-Plage. When I arrived in kitchen as a trainee in the restaurant Les Glycines aux Eyzies I knew it was what I really wanted to do. The Chef Eric Jung really taught me a lot. As I had earned a little bit of money I decided to leave by myself for New York. I love this city. Just walking in the street makes you feel alive! I’ve also been to London several times with my friends; it’s easy from the Touquet – and to Canada and Portugal too with my parents.

My dream – when I’m ready – is to open my own business. But first of all, I want to get about, accumulate as much experience as possible, and enhance my culture. So the Boiron Frères Young Talent Trophy is a magnificent opportunity.

I owe much of my success to my Chef, Jérôme Dubois, MOF cuisinier 2004. He has been a discrete but very solid support. Since the announcement of my selection for the finals we trained early in the mornings – before the mock BTS* he is so happy about the result that we’ll go and see the 1st year BTS* to tell them how it went and encourage them to take part next year!


*Bac ES – Economic and Social Baccalaureate 

*MAN – Mise à Niveau – Bringing up to grade

*BTS – brevet de technicien supérieur – advanced technician’s certificate

*MOF (Meilleur ouvrier de France) cuisinier – Best Worker in France, cook

Photos: Eric d’Herouville

Scallop tartare aspic with mandarin, creamy butternut squash, praline and scallop chaud-froid



Olive oil sponge

Mix together the flour, ground almonds and seasoning (salt, pepper, nutmeg) and set aside. In the mixer, beat the eggs, olive oil and sugar until a ribbon is formed. Add the dry mixture to the previous one then spread it evenly over a baking sheet and bake at 200°C.

Ingredients Quantities
Eggs 2
Sugar 50 g
Ground almonds 10 g
Flour 40 g
Olive oil 10 g
Salt QS
Pepper QS
Nutmeg QS


Butternut mousse


Ingredients Quantities
Les vergers Boiron 100% Butternut puree  300 g
Single cream 200 g
Gelatine 12 g
Salt QS
Pepper QS
Nutmeg QS

Season the cream, whisk it until firm then keep in the refrigerator. Melt the gelatine and stir into the butternut puree. Add the whipped cream to the butternut puree and check the seasoning.


Scallop aspic


Make the stock with the scallop offcuts. Pass the mandarin puree through a sieve, mix with agar add the mandarin peel, lemon juice and chervil. Cut the scallops into a tartare, add the stock, then mould.

Ingredients Quantities
Scallops 10
Les vergers Boiron 100% Mandarin puree 400 g
Les vergers Boiron 100% Lemon puree 50 g
Agar 40 g
Mandarin peel 10 g
Chervil 1/2 bunch




Ingredients Quantities
Hazelnuts  50 g
Walnuts 50 g
Sugar 70 g

Caramelise then chop the hazelnuts and walnuts.


Assembly of the cone 


Line the cone-shaped tin with the butternut mousse. Fill with the scallop aspic, sprinkle with the praline and seal with a disc of olive oil shortbread. Freeze, remove from the mould and sprinkle with mandarin-flavoured cocoa butter. Cover the cone with strips of sautéed scallops and confit butternut.

Ingredients Quantities
Scallops  5
Butternut mousse 50 g
Cocoa butter 50 g
White chocolate  50 g
Les vergers Boiron 100% Mandarin puree 50 g




Ingredients Quantities
Scallop ice  150 g
Gélan 60 g
Cream 150 g
Butternut 200 g
Gingerbread 500 g
Purple shiso 1/2 tray
Vanilla-flavoured olive oil 250 g

Make the chaud-froid sauce. Pour onto a tray. Deep freeze then cut into grooved semi-circles.Cut the hollowed-out butternut into cubes. Slowly fry them in the vanilla-flavoured oil then use them to decorate the scallops. Cut the gingerbread into small triangles, placed between two sheets and bake at 180°C for several minutes. Arrange these elements harmoniously on the scallop chaud-froid together with the Shiso and the praline.

Last update: 25 February 2016