My name is Mélina Greiss. I am 21 and I am French of Egyptian origin.

I lived all my life in Saudi Arabia because my parents work there, and I have lived in Nice for the past two years to continue my studies.

In Riad (capital of Saudi Arabia) I attended the French International School where I graduated an A-level in economic and social sciences.

My passion is to make cakes, create pastries and try new recipes. I love TV shows (Devious Maids, Once upon a time, pretty little liars etc.). I love travelling and discovering new cultures, food and scenery.

I also take rock’n’roll and zumba lessons.


Recipe – Foie gras cooked in two ways, spicy apples and pepper ice cream



Roast the pepper, bring the liquids to the boil with the pepper, leave to stand. On the hob, add the dried ingredients except for the stabiliser. Cook up to 83°C and add the stabilisers. Mix, strain and cool. Churn.

Ingredients Quantities
Milk 0.500 L
Cream 0.135 L
Egg yolk 0.040 kg
Pepper 0.060 kg
Powdered milk 0.030 kg
Atomised glucose 0.020 kg
Sugar 0.080 kg
Dextrose 0.020 kg
Stabilizer 0.004 kg



Ingredients Quantities
Duck wings 0.05 kg
Carrot 0.005 kg
Onion 0.005 kg
Celery 0.005 kg
Garlic 1 clove
Cognac 0.005 L
Bouquet garni 1
Water 0.125 L
Butter QS
Oil QS
Salt QS
Pepper QS

Slice and weigh the onion, carrot and celery. Chop the duck wings and brown them in the butter and oil. Remove the fat, add the aromatic garnish. Deglaze with cognac. Cover with water and add the garlic and bouquet garni. Reduce and strain.



Separate the lobe in two, devein it. Season with salt, pepper and cognac. Set 200 g aside on a sheet. Form two 20 g balls. Set aside.

Ingredients Quantities
Lobe of foie gras 0.280 kg
Cognac 0.005 kg
Salt 0.004 kg
Pepper QS



Ingredients Quantities
Les vergers Boiron Green apple puree 0.05 kg
Granny smith apple 0.130 kg
Gala apple 0.130 kg
Caster sugar 0.01 kg
Butter 0.005 kg
Ground nutmeg 0.001 kg
Cloves 0.001 kg
Cinnamon 0.001 kg
Salt QS
Pepper QS
Ascorbic acid QS

Wash and peel the Gala apple, dice finely and keep in water cold and ascorbic acid. Cut strips of green apple and keep half in the water and ascorbic acid. Put the slices of granny smith apple into a vacuum cooking bag.  In another, add the offcuts of the two apples.  Cook in a vacuum in simmering water, dip in iced water. Brown the diced apple with sugar, spices and butter.  Add the puree. Give a cylindrical shape to the diced apple. Put in the refrigerator. Mix and strain the apple offcuts, add the puree. Set aside.



In a mixing bowl, mix the butter, starch, oil and egg.  Add the flour and the salt. Add the water. Spread between two sheets of baking paper and bake for 5 min at 160°C. With a pastry cutter, cut into 12 disks. Return to bake in the oven for 15 minutes.

Ingredients Quantities
Butter 0.075 kg
Starch 0.037 kg
Sunflower oil 0.007 L
Egg 0.012 kg
Flour 0.125 kg
Salt 0.003 kg
Water 0.025 L
Chopped peanuts 0.025 kg
Chopped hazelnuts 0.025 kg
Chopped pecans 0.025 kg

Mélina is now at

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Last update: 19 February 2016