Bocuse d’Or Winners Association, a partner of excellence

Since 1987, the Bocuse d’Or competition is arguably the world’s most prestigious professional cooking competition. Every two years, it designates the three winners of a long and very demanding international competition. Since 2000, all the chefs who embody first class culinary tradition have come together to form the Bocuse d’Or Winners Association. Its Vice-President, Michel Roth, the Bocuse d’Or 1991 and Chef of the Ritz in Paris, was very excited to be part of the Boiron Frères Young Talent Trophy and invite Bocuse d’Or Winners to receive its first winners. This partnership is supported by a genuine will to pass on know-how and to share with young chefs.

Interview with Michel Roth

French National Education, the partner from the outset

Our program and our intention to associate Hotel and Catering Schools from the conception, have held the attention of Mr Michel Lugnier, the General Inspector of National Education and the Principals of the partner schools too. Mr Yves Arrieumerlou, the Academic Inspector of Grenoble became a member of the Boiron Frères Corporate Foundation for the transmission of know-how and contributes directly to the Trophy spreading.

Interview with Yves Arrieumerlou

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Last update: 14 June 2016