The resume of this 31-year-old chef leaves the impression of a man who, born as he was into a family of restaurateurs, has never doubted his vocation, alternating training and challenges with the sole goal of becoming ever better. Between time spent at reputed restaurants, with the Haeberlin family, Harald Wohlfart and Helmut Thiltge and Dieter Müller for example, he trained at the Cordon Bleu school in Paris, won the International Young Commis Rotisseur contest in 1996, the Taittinger prize in Hamburg in 1997, became the first German to win the European Gastronomy Challenge in Bordeaux, and so forth. Finally, he returned to his parents’ restaurant, the Talblick Inn in Wildberg in October 2001, but has never slept on his laurels, joining the German Bocuse d’Or team in January 2002 to climb the podium in 2003! In a region with a strong culinary tradition, he likes to takes things to their limits and admits to the influence of French cuisine, with the addition of hints of the Mediterranean and even touches of Asia.

Chef’s recipe

Goose foie gras, acai, ivory white chocolate, summer truffle

Ingredients (serves 10)

Jelly veil

Ingrédients Quantités
Acai juice 200 ml
Gellan gum 2 g

Goose foie gras mousse

Ingrédients Quantités
White port 100 ml
Chicken broth 100 ml
Goose liver 100 g
Ivoire white chocolate 40 g
Sheets of gelatine 4
Whipped cream 200 ml
Salt and pepper


Ingrédients Quantités
Summer truffles 50 g
Acai berries
Lavender flowers



Jelly veil

Boil the ingredients and pour over a baking tray covered by cling film. The obtained jelly is used to make a cylindrical veil.

Goose foie gras mousse

Reduce the port until it becomes syrupy. Add the chicken broth and bring to the boil. Add the goose liver and white chocolate as well as the previously bloomed and squeezed gelatine. When the ingredients have slightly mixed, make an emulsion using a blender. Cool down to 36°C, and then add the whipped cream. Season with salt and pepper.


Fill the jelly veils with the mousse using a piping bag and leave to cool. Decorate with strips of summer truffles, acai berries and lavender flowers.

Where is this restaurant


Hotel Restaurant Talblick, Bahnhofsträßle 6-72218 WILDBERG 1 – Germany

Last update: 19 December 2016