Henrik Norström


Henrik Norström is one of the leaders of Swedish cuisine today but he is also known for a very personal vision of his profession. Being a pioneer in “locavore” trend, he loves enhancing the products of his country but he also insists on doing a cuisine of freshness and simplicity.
In 2013, he made some kind of revolution in his life when he decided to turn his Michelin stared restaurant into a daily food bistro namned Lux dag för dag (Lux day by day)! The aim: offer his customers ever changing cooking based on everyday supply of very fresh and strictly seasonal products. No fixed menu, the dishes served are known the day before only. They also buy whole animals that they use according to the principal of “no-waste”. A great innovation too was what he calls “walk through”, a kind of kitchen-shop. At certain hours, in the backyard of the restaurant, he hangs an “OPEN” flag meaning to all lovers of good products that they are welcome to come and fill their basket with very fresh products… and discuss with the team in order to get some cooking tips from professionals!
Henrik’s second restaurant B.A.R. was opened in 2009. B.A.R. is a seafood grill which looks a bit like a fish-market (around 20 species every day; bought directly from the fish auction in Gothenburg). Customers choose their fish fresh (or fish a lobster in the aquarium!) and compose their own dishes from the grill, together with side orders and sauces.
A third restaurant was started in 2012: EAT, a real Asian restaurant; mainly genuine Chinese food prepared by talented Chinese personnel that Henrik recruited directly in China! Food is served Chinese style: guests share varied food on the table.
For Henrik, who works with his wife Lotta, the good cuisine respects authenticity, products and know-how.


Chef’s recipe

Salmon with hazelnut butter served with crayfish, wild pickles and fennel

For 4 servings

Crayfish brine

Ingredients Quantities
Brown beer 200g
Water 200g
Dill flower Small bouquet
Salt 20g
Sugar 10g
Crayfish tails 8

Creamy vinaigrette

Ingredients Quantities
Fish stock 6 T
Vinegar 3 T
Good olive oil 200g


Ingredients Quantities
Water 200g
White wine vinegar 100g
Salt 50g
“Crown” dill (the dill flower) DQ
Cress siliques DQ
Fresh elderberries DQ


Ingredients Quantities
Small tender fennel bulbs 2
Fennel seeds 1 T
Salt DQ


Ingredients Quantities
Salmon 240g
Butter 50g
Clarified butter 200g

Fried bread

Ingredients Quantities
Neutral oil DQ
Rye bread 100g
Flax seeds 1 T
Sesame seeds 1 T
Sunflower seeds 2 T

Recette Norstrom

Start with the brine. Quickly boil all the ingredients, and leave to cool to 70°C before adding the crayfish tails. Leave to cool again. Peel the crayfish.

To make the vinaigrette, blend the fish stock with the vinegar, then add the oil gradually, while continuing to blend to a creamy consistency.

For the pickles, blend the water, vinegar and salt, and leave the dill, cress siliques and elderberries to marinate in it for 24 hours.

Slice the fennel into thin strips (keep the leafy part for the plate decoration). Blanch quickly with the salt and fennel seeds, but keep its crunchy texture.
Trim the salmon, and cut four pieces one centimetre thick (for pieces of around 60 g per person). Salt and cook at 50°C in the 50 g of butter to a core temperature of 36°C.

Mix the flax, sesame and sunflower seeds well with the rye bread. Fry the mixture in the oil.

Place the lukewarm salmon on the plate, place two crayfish tails on top, also lukewarm. The clarified butter, pickles and fried bread are added hot. Use the creamy vinaigrette to decorate the edges.

Where is this restaurant

Restaurang Lux Dag för Dag
Primusgatan 116
112 67 Stockholm


Last update: 29 May 2015