The Bocuse d’Or Belgium

The September 19th took place the national team of Belgium in Ghent (third more big city of Belgium). The Chef Ferdy Debecker is the President of the association of Bocuse d' Or Winners and ...


The train trip

By being in Norway I owed leave visiting this country of the inside. I sank into lands to admire " deep Norway ". This Norvège, is different from that of the ...


The cooking at Ørjan Johannessen

With all these small escapades, I was going to forget to speak to you of the most importing, what for what I came in Norway: the Cooking of Ørjan Johannessen. Big winner in the Bocuse of World Gold in 2015 in Lyon and in ...


Brussels, real cultural capital

The restaurant is at a half an hour from the Belgian capital that is why I spend it numerous days to discover this city which has to offer a lot.


Change of card at Eyckerhof.

Qui dit nouvelle saison dit nouvelle carte. L'été se termine, la saisonnalité des légumes et des fruits changent et des produits de saison sont à mettre en valeur.


Einschulung (The first primary school day)

In Germany, the start of the school year of a child in primary school is a particular meaning.


The visit of Bergen

Bergen would be the most beautiful city of Norway according to what they say? But is it true? Bergen is the second most big city of Norway, moreover ...


Back to school

One Tuesday a month, it is possible to offer itself a particular gastronomic cooking course together with the Chef.



In the fjords of Norway raises itself an incredible rock in overhang called Trolltunga, in English "tongue of the trolls”. The latter appears as a springboard in the space about 700 meters over the ...


Visit this fjord

Bekkjarvik is a town of the municipality of Austevoll which contains 667 islands situated on the West coast of Norway. Among all these islands, we find ...

Last update: 16 October 2017