Four months already! My Belgian period will have been intense, full of lessons, I did not see anything past so much there was to do!
I would never have thought this country would be so different from France given our proximity.



I discovered the cuisine of Chef Bocuse de Bronze Ferdy Debecker’s Chef Bocuse, the warm welcome of his wife Ann Debecker and a small brigade by its number but extremely welded. The sympathy and generosity of this beautiful family is remarkable!



The Chef’s cuisine is simple and refined, he preaches gourmet relaxation and the dressing of his plates is always millimetre. The Chef also makes surprising associations that I wouldn’t necessarily have thought of like pan-fried foie gras, langoustine and mushrooms, but also the association of oysters with pig’s foot juice. Or oysters with half-cooked foie gras.


Recette Debecker


As far as culture and heritage are concerned, Belgium has nothing to envy France and holds the world record for castles per km². All the big cities are planted with trees and have a large pedestrian square where people like to meet, richly decorated city halls, all proudly carry a huge arrow pointing to heaven as if to ask God to watch over the city and its inhabitants. The bourgeois houses of yesteryear complete the scenery, they participate in the definition of the Belgian lifestyle. Inland, the flat country which is its own, still abounds in hilly and wooded regions reminiscent of the Ardennes which are not far away!


La grande place de Bruxelles

La grande place de Bruxelles


Humanly speaking, this time in Belgium also allowed me to get closer to Félix, winner of the Young Talent Trophy #2. It was with great pleasure that I worked with him at Ferdy Debecker because he joined the team for good. We have had an incredible life experience, we have a lot in common and so many things to share culinaryy speaking.



But not only! Félix and I have travelled with him on many occasions, and he and I have travelled to Durbuy, Brussels, Antwerp and many other places. The language barrier didn’t scare us!
We were also able to experience from the inside the Belgian selections for the Bocuse 2019, what memories!


Félix à Durbuy


So it was with some regret but filled with satisfaction that I left this country to live authentic adventures and discover new things in Germany.



The end of this year is coming soon, but my arrival at Chef Claus Weitbrecht’s home is full of surprises!


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