After four months, my adventure in Belgium ends, the last one goodbye and I set off but not direction Germany, not still, direction the Luxembourg!

I took advantage of the closeness of my host countries to do the route with my own car and so take time “to visit”.
First stop: Luxembourg, more particularly to Frisange, where became established Cheffe Léa Linster, only woman who having won the Bocuse d’ Or, it was in 1989.


Selfie with Madame Léa Linster

I met her personally in the restaurant, maintaining held by his son. We discussed well, she gave me of invaluable advice and very friendly offered me her cookbook which she published in 2003 and that she dedicated me.


The next day, I resumed the road and this time the stopping place in France, in Strasbourg. I joined Marie, other prize-winner of the Trophy of the Young Talents there to go together to eat in the restaurant where works Pablo, prize-winner of the second edition of the Trophy. He works to the gourmet restaurant the 1741, which possesses a star to the guide Michelin. The delicate kitchen is strongly inspired by the identity of the restaurant and of the city: bourgeois, printed at the same time by tradition and by country, but also by modernity, an address for the fine gourmets!



Marie and me at the restaurant 1741, close to the action


After magnificent culinary moment, we continued by a visit of Strasbourg by Pablo and her friend Iris: the luxurious cathedral, the bridges(decks) which are astride the various tributaries, the side streets at the typical houses…





The cathedral of  Strasbourg

Hard to leave them, then to end with a flourish, we were made a last restaurant then took last drinks in a trendy bar of Strasbourg but not too late because the next day I had to take back the road to join Wildberg, where the chef Claus Weitbrecht, Bocuse de Bronze 2003 waited for us.
For this last stage, I had Marie for guide and a co-pilot because she had to fly away since Stuttgart for Norway!

Date de dernière mise à jour: 2 February 2018