Since 4 months, I have the luck to work and even live with people from all around the world. Nice, isn’t it ? I listed few advantages of this situation.


1 – At work, everyone speak to each other in english, no need to speak norwegian to work and live in the country ! Even if, on the other hand, it doesn’t really help you to learn the language.

Also, it’s an “easy” english, because usually it’s not native language of my collegues.

No more excuses about language to not go abroad !!


Italien, polonaise, norvégienne, danoise...

Italian, Polish, Norwegian, Danish…


2 –You can have an accomadation everywhere in the world : what’s better than going abroad, call a friend, and stay at his house during your trip ? You even have the guide with this to visit the country ! 

Of course, it works in both directions !


Suède, France, Finlande et Norvège sur cette photo

Sweden, France, Finland, and Norway on this picture !


4 – You are not the only one who wants to discover the country, so you can talk about things to do and see, and even do it together !



A la conquête de Trolltunga, entre touristes !

Conquering Trolltunga, between tourists !


5 – And…of course…FOOD ! Everyone has his specialities, products, and never hesitates to shar it. Between cheese, sausage, Botarga home made from Sardinia, at the end of service or at home with the flatmates…we enjoy ! 

Each degustation is surprising..for exemple, the Casu Marzu, cheese from Sardinia is made with…worms ! Not really apetizing but, of course, we taste ! (Don’t ask how he could travel to Norway with this in his luggage). I even was surpised by an excellent swedish cheese, the Västerbottenost (yes, I didn’t believe my collegue when she was saying how good it was !).



Cazu Marzu

Casu Marzu


Of course, this list isn’t complete : between personal enrichment, open your mind, and simply good moments between collegues, I only see positive things !


Let you tent by the experience !





Date de dernière mise à jour: 30 December 2016