Scarcely announced as edition #3 prize-winners – and well before leaving – Margaux, Marie, and Damien have been straight to the point of the Trophy’s extraordinary experience and world of high level gastronomy in Lyon, at the Sirha and Bocuse d’Or.


Margaux, Marie, and Damien spent three days in Lyon from 23 to 25 January 2017. Monday, a first meeting at the Bocuse d’Or Winners party let them rub shoulders with the greatest chefs and meet Guy Van Cauteren once again, Bronze Bocuse 1993 and 2017 final jury.


Tuesday was dedicated to a gourmet exploration in tastes and know-how of the unbelievable accumulation of booth exhibitors at this world-famous show.
But above all, on the second day, the three prize-winners were able to enter the legendary area of the Bocuse d’Or competition. They had ring-side seats right at the heart of the action. “It was marvellous!” Margaux told us. The first countries were starting to shape up – including France. In this way they put all their heart and soul into supporting the French team of which Les vergers Boiron are partners.
Wednesday morning was the big day for meeting the chefs of edition #3! Ferdy Debecker, Bronze Bocuse 1999, came with his wife, Ann. The prize-winners thus had a fore-taste of the warmth with which they would be welcomed during their four months in Belgium! Then it was the turn of Claus Weitbrecht, Bronze Bocuse 2003, to talk about his hotel restaurant Talblick in Germany, a family establishment that has recently joined the Trophy. First exchanges in English… before the arrival of the Bocuse d’Or 2015 – no less – the Norwegian Ørjan Johannessen! Ørjan Johannessen also came with his wife, Cecilie. Both had a talk with the #3 prize-winners with as much simplicity as curiosity on both sides!


Margaux Bréhier, Marie Fourmont, and Damien Rousset with Claus Weitbrecht and Raphaële Marchal
Margaux Bréhier, Marie Fourmont, and Damien Rousset with Ferdy Debecker
Margaux Bréhier, Marie Fourmont, and Damien Rousse with Ørjan Johannessen


On the same morning there was also a warm discussion with Pablo Leveau, #2 prize-winner, come to support the Swedish team at the Bocuse d’Or. Henrik Norström, Silver Bocuse 2001, with whom he is doing his second period, has had him attend several training sessions. A dream for Pablo who is preparing for the major cuisine competitions. Mélina Greiss, #1 prize-winner, who after her Trophy year returned to work in another of Henrik Norström’s restaurants in Stockholm, was there to greet the new prize-winners.


Last meeting with Raphaële Marchal, culinary blogger en rangs d’oignons* and panel member for the 2017 final. Fascinated by the experience offered them she interviewed each of the prize-winners. “I know plenty of chefs who’d like to be 10 years younger in order to be able to compete!” See the interview of Marie, Margaux, and Damien (link on corresponding portrait page portrait).


In the icy cold of day-break in Lyon on the day of their departure Marie and Margaux still could not get over these three days. “Can you believe I bumped into Marc Veyrat?” said the one, “And that I saw Pierre Gagnaire?” said the other… Maybe in 10 years the #3 prize-winners will say “Did you see? That was Marie Fourmont!” and maybe Margaux, Marie, or Damien will welcome the new prize-winning team of the Young Talent Trophy in their restaurants at the other end of the world!

Date de dernière mise à jour: 21 February 2017