If I would like to speak to you about spätzles today it’s not only to make you discover a new recipe but well to share an ancestral culinary tradition. The new gastronomic trends it’s good, but it’s important to not forget this culinary traditions of former days which gather us even today around a table. Just like the Chef Claus  transmitted me this know-how, I go, me too, to share this typical dish with you.


Spätzle or spätzli, is eggs noodles which accompany generally dishes in sauce. We find them of the South to Germany, in Switzerland, in Italy, and even in Alsace. Spätzle is a diminutive of “Spatzen” which means “sparrows”. We so name them because when noodles are cooked and put in a plate, it looks like almost a nest of sparrows


Historically, we say that the Germans of the South are “Schwaben” or “Swabian”. Their slogan was: ” work, work to make a house “. In the time the region was very poor. Then it was necessary to keep what we possess and to spend little. This is the way was born Spätzle, because they are simple, delicious and especially cheap!

Ingredients are not many: flour, eggs, butter, water and salt!



The dough is prepared with your hands to measure the quantity of water and flour necessary with the touch, we press nothing on the balance! In the old days, we used the schaben that is we put some dough on a wet small board and we brought down, by means of a spatula, fine strips directly in the boiling water. But this ancestral technique is very complicated. Noodles are irregular and very long to prepare if we do not possess the help of grandmother !




But don’t worry, now we can make great ones spätzle with a small press, or with a professional machine. Well done the culinary engineers!
Once cooked spätzle, they grow up to the surface. It is necessary to plunge them fast into a big bowl filled with very cold water, to stop the cooking and prevent them from sticking the some to the others.



Spätzle is served to the restaurant in various ways :

– Nature, or with butter, for dishes with sauces such as game stew, roasts or fricassees.

– With some breadcrumbs gilded in some butter. We shall say that we want to eat “geschmälzte Spätzle”.


The traditional dish of the day is “Seitenwürstchen”, a sausage was served with spätzle and lenses. But my favorite variant it’s spätzle with cheese!! We make pastas in the frying pan in sweated onions, then we blow up them with of grated cheeses, a delight in case of big hunger!


Date de dernière mise à jour: 11 October 2017