Cooking is a tough job, difficult and addictive. But how can we love it? How can we want to evolve in this branch?
For my part, it goes back to my early childhood, when children admired their parents’ work. One thing was fascinated me at that time: the work of food products. My father, every year, since his youngest age grows fruits and vegetables. I always carefully listened to his pieces of advice such as watching the moon to know when to plant, … He also passed down important values to me like patience and respect for products and their seasonality. This is where my desire to transform products came from. My mother is a good cook, she taught me some basics of French cooking such as mayonnaise, dressing, cooking a roast and so much more!
My parents are the basis of my love for cooking but the story does not stop there!
Because at the catering school of Saint-Chély d’Apcher that I integrated when I was 14 years, the chefs have passed down their passion, their knowledge and their pleasure to work quality products. Afterwards, the various job-training finally confirmed what I already knew, despite difficult schedule, postponed days off in comparison to other people, those hours that should not be counted and the atmosphere behind the stoves that is not fun every day even though mentalities evolve.
Then I multiplied the contests to show what I knew how to do, what I wanted to be.

The love for this job does not come all alone, it requires perseverance, courage and never give up because yes this tough job has lots of disadvantages but it is also rewarding and not bored at all!
I am happy to serve a finished, thorough and well executed dish whose quality and aesthetics are recognized and appreciated by the customers.
What matters the opinions, go to realize your dreams. Indeed the way will seem hard and long but in the end it will bring you only happiness, pride and gratitude.

Date de dernière mise à jour: 7 June 2017