Last Tuesday it was on Shrove Tuesday, the day of french crêpes, waffles and bugnes. But this year I discover the Norwegian traditions for this feast day!
To celebrate the Shrove Tuesday, day of the carnival, it is of custom to make fastelavnsboller, ” bread rolls of Shrove Tuesday “. They are small brioches generally sticked by whipped cream and by jam or by confectioner’s custard. Nowadays, there are different recipes transmitted of the generations: in the chocolate, sprinkled with icing sugar, in the shape of ball or in plait but the purpose remains the same, that is the maximum of greed!



I share with you the recipe of one of the head pastry chefs of the team:





100g of butter
150g of milk
400g of flour
1 coffee spoon of yeast to mold
2 eggs
50g of sugar
1 pinch of salt
1 coffee spoon of powder of cardamom



Melt the butter in the pan and incorporate it the milk. Put down this mixture in the bowl of a typical kitchenaid robot, incorporate it the yeast and whip. When there are not lumps anymore, to add the flour, the eggs, the sugar, the salt, and to mold. When the mixture is uniform, clear the dough in another bowl, cover with a plasticfilm, and wait that it doubles in volume.

When the dough is ready it’s time to roll up her sleeves to make brioches:



The chef furnishes the dough of confectioner’s custard either a mixture sweeten and powder of cardamom.



After a moment of rest, you can put in the oven in the oven neighborhood 7-8min in 250 °.




Savour still hot brioches and you can’t take place any more!



Story: in the Middle Ages, it was breads more rustic. We use some cream since 18 – 19 century.

Date de dernière mise à jour: 26 February 2018