With all these small escapades, I was going to forget to speak to you of the most importing, what for what I came in Norway: the Cooking of Ørjan Johannessen. Big winner in the Bocuse of World Gold in 2015 in Lyon and in the Bocuse of Gold Europe in 2012 in Brussels, his cooking is inimitable.


It established his headquarters to Bekkjarvik, placed on the island of Selbjørn described in the blog of ” The visit of the fjord “. The name of the restaurant is very simple, Bekkjarvik Gjestgiveri. This one resumes the name of the village Bekkjarvik and Gjestgiveri for boarding house. He take over the restaurant of his parents with his brother Arnt. The restaurant is not of type gastronomic as we could expect it. Because in Norway, we prefer refined dishes, with perfect cookings, just taste by remaining simple.


And it is good what make these two brothers who get along extremely well. They work completely with fresh products, and change the menu at every service!!!
And yes, you read well, to every servic they are new products, a new implementation. What of better to learn quickly more that to discover many more dishes? Certainly, it asks from time to time for just a little imagination to avoid redoing the same marriages of flavors but this challenge is raised every time!!!


I may dripped well every day dishes, every time I am amazed by the various associations which are proposed. As the monkfish grilled then ended in the just oven a few minutes with spinach of season accompanied with a sauce in the bacon or still the baked ox may end in the browned butter and the rosemary in the frying pan with chanterelles of the forest of the corner and sauce of ox(beef) which has cooked for three days. A delight!!
But, I believe that of what they make a success best, it is the cooked wild salmon in the smoking room in a temperature of 42°C, half a cooking which preserves the nature of the product, accompanied with a declension of cauliflower.


I let you make your imagination but below, a full menu to give you an image:



I have not spoken to you yet when rjan is only cooking. He finds the point of perfect balance of seasoning, neither too much nor too little. It is so for everything, the cookings, the side dishes, the training it has the eye and the voucher but especially the talent. Of my adventure in Norway, the dish which will mark me most it is its dish realized to the Bocuse d’ Or 2012: a free-range chicken of the region stuffed in the apricot ballottine and a sauce in the apple. It is there that I realized that every detail counts: have a perfect cylinder while a chicken tenderloin does not allow it, to have a practical joke with breadcrumbs which does not possess a granular texture of wet bread, etc. …



chicken of the region stuffed in the apricot ballottine and a sauce in the apple

Chicken of the region stuffed in the apricot ballottine and a sauce in the apple



All these notions are not only enhancing my knowledge every day a little any more and I shall not have hoped for better learning to make my weapons.

Date de dernière mise à jour: 11 October 2017