At the Congrès de l’Aflyht – the French association of hotel and tourism schools – on Friday afternoon the full session was held with more than 200 participants and lycée representatives. The contributions expected are from the Managers for international actions (DAREIC [Academic Delegates for European and International Actions]) and Michel Lugnier, Inspecteur Général de l’Education Nationale (Senior National Education Inspector) concerning the reform of the sector.


But to begin with, Cyrille Jeannes, President of the Aflyht, invited one of the team members of the Boiron Frères Young Talent Trophy to present this scheme which he considers himself to be “so much more than a cooking competition. No other competition offers an endowment of such importance: an international year’s extra training in the best restaurants for three of our students,” he recalls.


With the diffusion of the film telling the life of Cyndie in the restaurant Eyckerhof, with Ferdy Debecker, President of the Bocuse d’Or Winners and himself Bocuse de Bronze 1999, the participants fully understood what the Trophy stands for and the profiles of the prize-winners, who not only have to be good technicians but young talents open to the world and other people, able to take full advantage of this year abroad.


Daniel Gorrindo – Principal of the Lycée François Rabelais at Dardilly – who next came on stage – revealed the benefit for Cyndie: “she’s unrecognisable; she’s quite fulfilled: it’s splendid”.


Floriane was also honoured at the gala dinner, since the recipe she had presented for the Trophy, and which had seduced the jury, so much was given by her chef and tasted by more than 250 people!


The crab compress of Floriane Brilhaut, prise-winner of the edition #1
Lightly adapted by her chef, it made a very noticeable appearance at the Gala dinner!
The catering schools conference 2016
Mr Leder, Principal of the Lycée Hôtelier of Marseille, Mr Loesch, Vice-Principal of the Lycée Storck of Guebwiller and Secretary of the Aflyht, Mr Cyrille Jeannes, Principal of the Lycée Hôtelier of La Rochelle and President of the Aflyht and Mr Zenou, Principal of the Lycée Kyoto of Poitiers
Daniel Gorrindo
The Principal of the Lycée François Rabelais at Dardilly where Cyndie, prize-winner of edition #1, studied
Michel Lugnier
The Senior National Education Inspector responsible for the hotel-catering sector
Date de dernière mise à jour: 1 April 2016