The September 19th took place the national team of Belgium in Ghent (third more big city of Belgium). The Chef Ferdy Debecker is the President of the association of Bocuse d’ Or Winners and thus organizer of this event in his country. In its adventure, he it included the entire staff of the restaurant.


The pre-selected competitors are five to contribute to the national level and it is the same rite in all the countries of the world (Dany Lombart, Kenny Bernaerts, Lode de Rover, Karen Torosya, Jean Van de Velde). The competitors have 5:35 am to realize two dishes. The first one is served to the plate then comes the second served on tray (plateau).


Box des 5 candidats


The themes must be respected, they are rather strict but each can give free rein to his imagination for this year in Belgium:


1 ° preparation: fresh pasta – Shellfish – Cheese
Dried or fresh pastas in the choice
The choice of shellfish is free but brown shrimps must be necessarily incorporated into the preparation of 14 people.
2 ° preparations: veal chop ( 6 sides) 4 kg
Sweet bread – Kidney of veal – Foot of veal – Calf’s head
At least 2 of its ingredients must be used in the preparation.
Service in the tray(plateau) for 14 people with 2 free side dishes and the third only with vegetables.


The candidates so much repeated their recipes that once in the boxes, they keep their peaces and are extremely precise. To watch at them making, I was amazed! What an ease! What a composure!
Five worked with a crazy speed. It is already necessary time to send the 1st plate. The candidates attacked with 10 min of interval so that the members of the jury have time to appreciate and to estimate the dishes at their rigth values. Moreover, open bracket, it is most Belgian big bosses who made the trip they were near about twenty to mobilize.


Tables des jurys belges

Tables des jurys belges


The 1st plate which parades me, leaves on its passage a tempting smell and an incredible training as the other plates besides. What a happiness of seeing such a commitment, such a perfection!


Some images of dishes:



The competition then ended then the hour of the verdict sounded. A relief for all the competitors who work for several months on the subject. The Secretary of the mobility Ben Weyts, big enthusiast of cooking, had made too the travel to greet all the efforts supplied by all.  The winner is finally Lode de Rover and its very first words were ” it is an enormous honor but now the history begins! “.
It is with excitement and deep encouragements that I shall follow him in Turin, in June, 2018 for Bocuse of Gold Europe.

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