Belgium, first step of my aventure !

Here I am arrived in Belgium, more exactly to the restaurant Eyckerhof situated in Bornem. I work with the chef Ferdy Debecker, Bocuse de Bronze 1999 and with a star at the Michelin Guide.


Christmas tables

After I spent few days with my family to celebrate Christmas, this is 6 pm when I come back in the kitchen on the 20th of December.   The team is now complete, I straight away start. Madame explains to me that we ‘ve gone have 2 full weeks because Christmas and New Year are […]


Starting at Eyckerhof

Hello, today I wanted to come back with you on my two last weeks at Eyckerhof !

Sofia, cold section Chef

Orange and chocolate dessert by Katrine Skeie

  When I lived in Sandefjord, Katrine and Geir Skeie asked me if I could publish everyday a picture of what was going on in the kitchen (plates, cooks, produces) on the restaurant’s Instagram and Facebook. TOday I would like to share with you one of my videos : It is a slice of chocolate ganache, […]


Fantastic ski trip

Last Saturday, Brygga11 cooks and I drive to Haukeli ski center which is located 3 hours away from Stord. Haukeli is well known for its ski slopes during winter. In the summer, people hike, fish hunt. It is also an area where


Amazing weekend in Junkön

The Lux Day By Day restaurant has a golden rule : they work with quality products they know well to enhance their taste. So what better idea than to visit the places where the products are made and help make them ? With that idea in mind, we go to the Junkön island (located in […]

Christmas table

Norwegian Christmas food

Last Sunday, almost everyone from Brygga11 went to the Christmas table which means sharing a meal based on Christmas food. I tried a famous dish in Norway: Lutefisk. They usualy use cod or ling which is soaked in water for six days. The fish is saturated in water and soaked again in a basic solution […]

The team

Tournoi de Foot : la Sorunda Cup 2015 !

Aujourd’hui, les garçons de la brigade ont une requête toute particulière à mon intention : dimanche a lieu le tournoi de football, où s’affrontent chaque année tous les restaurants de Stockholm (Sorunda Cup), et toutes les équipes doivent compter une fille... !


Working in an international team !

Since 4 months, I have the luck to work and even live with people from all around the world. Nice, isn't it ? I listed few advantages of this situation.

C'est parti !!

Staff Party !!

Qui dit fin de saison dit...staff party !!!

Last update: 30 December 2016