Conveiving a dish at Lux däg for däg

    Last week, at the restaurant, it was time for the new menu’s brainstorm. We change it about every 3 weeks, depending of the guest’s demand and season of course !       To achieve this, the kitchen team is divided in two, with one part elaborating the dishes, and the second part […]


A whole ship in a museum !

Visiting something special...


Finally Sweden !

  Last step in Sweden !   I’m leaving Hemsedal quite sad, saying goodbye to all the friends (but that’s how it works!), during a nice last evening.   I must admit that it’s a little bit stunned that I take the night bus to airport.   Plane fly off at 11 am, I’ve time […]


Hunting in Stockholm !

Since i arrived in Stockholm at the beginning of november, i am waiting for that moment ! Indeed, chef Henrik told me that i would probably be able to join him to a hunting session this winter. I have never been hunting before and never really wanted to but in Sweden it is different; this […]


Stockholm has not finished dazzling you!

Still in the family, I will show you my second and third day about life of a Stockholm resident and some culinary specialties.


Lieux de vie…

Un aperçu de nos lieux de vie cette année

Team work!

Bocuse Suédois Alexander Sjögren

Hey Floriane! You watched the belgians train and I the swedish!     But what’s the Bocuse d’or?     Long story short, Mister Paul Bocuse created this event in 1987 which is the most prestigeous cooking competition in the world. He inspired himself from sports events aiming to show the cooking industry to the […]


Service tack!

Here is a video I created for LuxDagforDag, Lotta and Henrik Norström’s restaurant: Everything is homemade, from the sausages to the onion rings…   More details about Henrik’s kitchen await, can’t wait to share them with you!


Arets Kock 2016

Finale du concours du chef suédois de l'année !


Petit tour des clichés sur les suédois…

Ce week-end, j’ai eu l’occasion, pour la première fois, d’aller voir du théâtre d’improvisation. J’en ai eu connaissance par le réseau Facebook des français de Stockholm et sans surprise, le sujet de la pièce portait sur les clichés suédois...Intéressant !

Last update: 30 December 2016