The fastelavnsboller

    Last Tuesday it was on Shrove Tuesday, the day of french crêpes, waffles and bugnes. But this year I discover the Norwegian traditions for this feast day! To celebrate the Shrove Tuesday, day of the carnival, it is of custom to make fastelavnsboller, ” bread rolls of Shrove Tuesday “. They are small […]


My mornings as apprentice butcher

The butcher's is a real know-how. There are step by step to be respected. But it is especially a great idea to avoid the wasting! To the restaurant no piece of meat gets lost.


Escapades and delicacies

Le restaurant a ré-ouvert ses portes et me voilà de retour après deux semaines de congés passées en France


A specialty where I live

I would like to explain to you a cake which means so much to me, the nougat of Tours.


Before the adventure

After a long month of examinations, it is finally necessary time to rest just a little. I left my beautiful city of La Rochelle to find my parents, in Tours, my birthplace.


Christmas tables

After I spent few days with my family to celebrate Christmas, this is 6 pm when I come back in the kitchen on the 20th of December.   The team is now complete, I straight away start. Madame explains to me that we ‘ve gone have 2 full weeks because Christmas and New Year are […]


The wonderful surprise: Saint Nicolas

  Saint Nicolas is celebrated on 6 December in Belgium and especially in the wider East of France but also in Germany and the Netherlands.   This Patron Saint spuriously looking like Father Christmas (photo for comparison) is the excuse for giving children confectionery in the form of chocolates, nic-nacs (small round cakes topped with […]


Rakfish and Lutefisk

Every year, the Young Talents Trophy, organised by the Boiron Frères corporate foundation, offers its three prizewinners a year’s training abroad with one of three gourmet chefs (Bocuse d’Or Winners, …). It is an exceptional opportunity, recognised as such, just one year after it was created.

fish tongue

In Norway, we eat fish tongue

  Last week, we recieved fish tongues, very common in Norway. It can be fried fish and chips way or just panné in flour and fried in butter. A sprinkle of salt, pepper chive and your dish is ready!   I tasted it and I find it hard to make the difference between tongue and […]

Cutting fresh fish

Cutting fresh fish!

Since we are working with the fishstore in Stord, we see fresh fish everyday in our production area. Today, the fishermen delivered 60 kilos of cod! Great! Its the perfect occasion to make photos. I would have loved to take a selfie but when you carry this 20 kilo beast, you’ll understand that it’s a […]

Last update: 30 December 2016