The fastelavnsboller

    Last Tuesday it was on Shrove Tuesday, the day of french crêpes, waffles and bugnes. But this year I discover the Norwegian traditions for this feast day! To celebrate the Shrove Tuesday, day of the carnival, it is of custom to make fastelavnsboller, ” bread rolls of Shrove Tuesday “. They are small […]


The New Dessert of the Menu Gourmet

Depuis mon arrivée en Allemagne, le chef me sollicite pour apporter de nouvelles idées aux menus qui sont renouvelés tous les mois. Pour ce mois-ci, il m’a demandée de lui proposer ma version du gâteau au chocolat...


Change of card at Eyckerhof.

Qui dit nouvelle saison dit nouvelle carte. L'été se termine, la saisonnalité des légumes et des fruits changent et des produits de saison sont à mettre en valeur.


A specialty where I live

I would like to explain to you a cake which means so much to me, the nougat of Tours.


Departure from Stockholm

The last weeks in Stockholm were full of strong emotion and activities.

Cassis par Valentine

Waiting for the departure!

We are right in exam period with Felix and Pablo for our BTS. But let’s come back few weeks before the exams. We are 7 days before the first test for the BTS. My days are made of homework and sport. Sport I started a few weeks ago Crossfit. This sport is a combination of athletic strength, weight […]

asperge crouton lardon

L’asperge croûtons-lardons

Aujourd'hui, je vous propose une recette du Chef Ferdy Debecker, un classique au menu depuis des années : l'asperge croûton-lardon !

Sofia, cold section Chef

Orange and chocolate dessert by Katrine Skeie

  When I lived in Sandefjord, Katrine and Geir Skeie asked me if I could publish everyday a picture of what was going on in the kitchen (plates, cooks, produces) on the restaurant’s Instagram and Facebook. TOday I would like to share with you one of my videos : It is a slice of chocolate ganache, […]

Chou craquant fourré aux pommes flambées au Calvados, compote acidulée, tartelette aux pommes caramélisées, sablés, crème pâtissière et glace au poivre de TImut

My new dessert

Hello everyone! Many of you are interested and participated to the quizz! As promised, here is a stop motion which will present my creation answering the quizz. I hope you'll like it!

Last update: 30 December 2016