The fastelavnsboller

    Last Tuesday it was on Shrove Tuesday, the day of french crêpes, waffles and bugnes. But this year I discover the Norwegian traditions for this feast day! To celebrate the Shrove Tuesday, day of the carnival, it is of custom to make fastelavnsboller, ” bread rolls of Shrove Tuesday “. They are small […]


The train trip

By being in Norway I owed leave visiting this country of the inside. I sank into lands to admire " deep Norway ". This Norvège, is different from that of the ...


The cooking at Ørjan Johannessen

With all these small escapades, I was going to forget to speak to you of the most importing, what for what I came in Norway: the Cooking of Ørjan Johannessen. Big winner in the Bocuse of World Gold in 2015 in Lyon and in ...


The visit of Bergen

Bergen would be the most beautiful city of Norway according to what they say? But is it true? Bergen is the second most big city of Norway, moreover ...



In the fjords of Norway raises itself an incredible rock in overhang called Trolltunga, in English "tongue of the trolls”. The latter appears as a springboard in the space about 700 meters over the ...


The discovery

The idea to leave in a place where we have no more mark: neither the language, nor the people, nor the geography a little gives the impression of becoming again a lamb of six weeks. The question is: how to cross this stage?


The Prize winners #3 are…

Who are the 3 new Prize winners of the Young Talent Trophy ?


Rakfish and Lutefisk

Every year, the Young Talents Trophy, organised by the Boiron Frères corporate foundation, offers its three prizewinners a year’s training abroad with one of three gourmet chefs (Bocuse d’Or Winners, …). It is an exceptional opportunity, recognised as such, just one year after it was created.


Lieux de vie…

Un aperçu de nos lieux de vie cette année


Portrait: Stefano, restaurant manager at Brygga11 Stord

After having a few chats with Stefano, I realised how interesting his professional life was. I asked him questions so you could discover his profile and his vision of catering as a restaurant manager! Stefano worked at The Vineyard at Stockcross 5* hotel, used to have 1 * Michelin when he was there, Newbury, Uk […]

Last update: 29 December 2016