Hunting in Stockholm !

Since i arrived in Stockholm at the beginning of november, i am waiting for that moment ! Indeed, chef Henrik told me that i would probably be able to join him to a hunting session this winter. I have never been hunting before and never really wanted to but in Sweden it is different; this […]


Departure from Stockholm

The last weeks in Stockholm were full of strong emotion and activities.

Team work!

Bocuse Suédois Alexander Sjögren

Hey Floriane! You watched the belgians train and I the swedish!     But what’s the Bocuse d’or?     Long story short, Mister Paul Bocuse created this event in 1987 which is the most prestigeous cooking competition in the world. He inspired himself from sports events aiming to show the cooking industry to the […]


Service tack!

Here is a video I created for LuxDagforDag, Lotta and Henrik Norström’s restaurant: Everything is homemade, from the sausages to the onion rings…   More details about Henrik’s kitchen await, can’t wait to share them with you!

Harengs, saumons et charcuterie à foison !

Christmas table version suédoise

Au pays du Père Noël, on fête Noël dès le début du mois de décembre, si ce n'est pas avant !


Science dinner

Menu spécial pour ce soir ! Le chef Henrik et son associé Daniel ont eu l’idée de créer un « Science Dinner », en collaboration avec les professeurs de science d’une université de Stockholm. Le but : expliquer aux clients de manière scientifique ce qui se passe dans notre assiette, et sur notre palais !


Arrivée à Stockholm !

Me voilà enfin arrivée à Stockholm, on remet le compteur à 0 et c'est parti pour une nouvelle expérience de quatre mois...!

Sandefjord sous le soleil !

A look back at the first two months spent in exceptional restaurants

Two months after their departure, the three winners of the 2015 Trophy have settled in and started to take full advantage of their work in their respective restaurants.   Floriane spent the first two months in the summer restaurant of Geir Skeie in Sandefjord, south of Oslo. She worked in Stord, the second restaurant of […]


Discovering the Sirha

Last week, Floriane, Cyndie and I attended this beautiful event with Les vergers Boiron team. For those who don’t know, my friends and I will be working from July 2015 in Belgium, Sweden and Norway (four months each) in Bocuse d’Or Winners restaurants.

Floriane Sirha

Meeting the chefs!

Finally!! At the occasion of the Sirha international meeting, all the Bocuse d'Or Winners were here in Lyon to assist the competition of the best cook in the world. It was also the occasion for us to meet our future chefs, so we were very excited.

Last update: 30 December 2016