Rakfish and Lutefisk

Every year, the Young Talents Trophy, organised by the Boiron Frères corporate foundation, offers its three prizewinners a year’s training abroad with one of three gourmet chefs (Bocuse d’Or Winners, …). It is an exceptional opportunity, recognised as such, just one year after it was created.


Portrait: Stefano, restaurant manager at Brygga11 Stord

After having a few chats with Stefano, I realised how interesting his professional life was. I asked him questions so you could discover his profile and his vision of catering as a restaurant manager! Stefano worked at The Vineyard at Stockcross 5* hotel, used to have 1 * Michelin when he was there, Newbury, Uk […]

fish tongue

In Norway, we eat fish tongue

  Last week, we recieved fish tongues, very common in Norway. It can be fried fish and chips way or just panné in flour and fried in butter. A sprinkle of salt, pepper chive and your dish is ready!   I tasted it and I find it hard to make the difference between tongue and […]

Cutting fresh fish

Cutting fresh fish!

Since we are working with the fishstore in Stord, we see fresh fish everyday in our production area. Today, the fishermen delivered 60 kilos of cod! Great! Its the perfect occasion to make photos. I would have loved to take a selfie but when you carry this 20 kilo beast, you’ll understand that it’s a […]

Sofia, cold section Chef

Orange and chocolate dessert by Katrine Skeie

  When I lived in Sandefjord, Katrine and Geir Skeie asked me if I could publish everyday a picture of what was going on in the kitchen (plates, cooks, produces) on the restaurant’s Instagram and Facebook. TOday I would like to share with you one of my videos : It is a slice of chocolate ganache, […]


Fantastic ski trip

Last Saturday, Brygga11 cooks and I drive to Haukeli ski center which is located 3 hours away from Stord. Haukeli is well known for its ski slopes during winter. In the summer, people hike, fish hunt. It is also an area where

Rice cream

Have you ever heard of “riskrem”?

Hello everyone! First of all, I would like to wish you a happy new year. Today, I am sharing with you a norwegian speciality which is served for Christmas: "Riskrem".

Christmas table

Norwegian Christmas food

Last Sunday, almost everyone from Brygga11 went to the Christmas table which means sharing a meal based on Christmas food. I tried a famous dish in Norway: Lutefisk. They usualy use cod or ling which is soaked in water for six days. The fish is saturated in water and soaked again in a basic solution […]

Herring starter

Beer menu

  Wednesday  the 18th of November, we prepared a five course menu in collaboration with Færder, a beer company. Brygga11, Geir Skeie’s restaurant works with this beermaker which is why we created five dishes matching five beers.   Two weeks before that, the cooks and I tasted the five different bottles so we could think […]


Bye bye Norway !

Déjà la fin de la première étape...

Last update: 30 December 2016