A specialty where I live

I would like to explain to you a cake which means so much to me, the nougat of Tours.


Before the adventure

After a long month of examinations, it is finally necessary time to rest just a little. I left my beautiful city of La Rochelle to find my parents, in Tours, my birthplace.

Photo à Lyon Félix

Lyon’s “Halles”, what a thing !

Last week, I had the chance to visit for the first time "Les Halles de Lyon", with my grandmother and my dad...


Here we go, departure’s coming soon !

Departure’s day is coming faster and faster ! The first of july will be the day where the three of us will leave our country for a whole year !   This year promise to be awesome, I can’t hold still ! 🙂 Sweden, Norway and Belgium are country I can’t way to discover ! […]

Cassis par Valentine

Waiting for the departure!

We are right in exam period with Felix and Pablo for our BTS. But let’s come back few weeks before the exams. We are 7 days before the first test for the BTS. My days are made of homework and sport. Sport I started a few weeks ago Crossfit. This sport is a combination of athletic strength, weight […]


My experience as a private cook :)

Hey ! Today I’d like to present to you my activity as private cook ! I’ve been doing this since September 2015, I had this project in mind for quite a long time, I think i wanted to set myself a challenge :p ! After working on it during summer 2015, I put it on […]

2TSB2 Le Touquet

The exams are coming…

Here were are at one week from the exams which are going to begin on May 10th, day of the Europe Bocuse d’or in Budapest, where I would have preferred to be, definitely ! At that time, when the sunny days are coming, it is tough to find the motivation to study; so many others activities […]

Lors d'une interview pour France 3

Before anything, let’s make the introductions !

My name is Pablo, I am 20 years old and I am a student in Le Touquet’s hotel and catering industry school. Recently I won the Trophy Jeunes Talents Boron Frères which, I hope, will be a huge advance for my career. Here I am going to share with you what brought me  up to […]

At the bottom of the Eiffel Tour
from left to right: Floriane, me, Elodie and Cyndie.

Stay in Paris

Monday the 29th of June, heading to the most beautiful city in the world !

page floriane 2

Activité du moment…les révisions !

Dernière ligne droite avant le départ : l'obtention du BTS ;-)

Last update: 30 December 2016