Here I am thus gone off to explore Bragga, 3rd bigger city of Portugal, with my two best friends: Angélique and Gaetan.
We planned our escapade with a mix of discoveries of the country – monuments, architecture – and culinary discoveries well on: typical dishes, a majority of which are based on Baccalhau (cod), with delicious delicatessen among which the chorizo, as well as the local drinks such as the Porto.
This well loaded and sunny week was the opportunity to say goodbye to each other and to build new memories which will remain for a long time engraved in our spirits.
We lived at Angélique’s grandparents’ house, who are themselves Portuguese. Thus we were really in contact with the culture and the Portuguese traditions.
In particular because the week during which we were there was the week of Saint-Jean (São João) which is according to premises the biggest party of the year: all the country is celebrating on June 23rd but the real party is at night when nobody sleeps. All Portugal stands all night long to dance and sing traditional songs. They also spend the night hitting on each other’s head with plastic hammers to wish them happiness and luck. Thus Portugal resounds at the rate of the POUIC-POUIC, the music and the bursts of laughter.


Ponte de Lima
Water Park in Amarante
Met and my friends with the Portuguese symbol !
The Valley of Douro
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