After I spent few days with my family to celebrate Christmas, this is 6 pm when I come back in the kitchen on the 20th of December.


The team is now complete, I straight away start. Madame explains to me that we ‘ve gone have 2 full weeks because Christmas and New Year are coming soon.


The schedule for the two weeks is:


  • On the 24th evening, we have to ready for 57 covers and to prepare more than 100 catering baskets
  • On the 25th at lunch, we have to ready for 59 covers and to prepare more than 4 catering baskets
  • On the 31th evening, we have to ready for 53 covers and to prepare more than

130 catering baskets






Tuesday evenings aren’t usually full booked, when I come back, I say to myself this is probably the longest last night of the year 2016.


Time goes so fast. Thursday night, preparations begin: some vegetables to wash, cut, count.


On Friday night (D-1):


It’s not a big day for the service, only 20 customers but in the kitchen we have to work faster!

We start with catering traiteur. The idea is to prepar the meal from the starter to the desert. So when guest ar coming, they just have to take plates and heat at home. The chef  explains to me, all the michelin stars restaurants are doing cartering during christmas  .


When I think again to this evening, in my head this is like a song : Wash, peel, cut, cook, matter(count), pack, label …


Saturday :


Saturday noon, restaurant is never opened we begin generally at 4:30 pm. In this Christmas Eve we began at 9:30 am, we are for one hundred at the hour once again but always in the good mood. Madam oversees, Jens and I we occupy entrancescaterers, of those of the evening and appetizers. The chef and Maxime takes care of all the hot section and Céline of the desserts.

The day passes very fast. Small break then it is the hour to join stove.

Customers are going to begin to arrive.

Hazelnuts of Piedmont, ball of vinegar
Cheese Cream
Liver of goose, chutney red pepper, marinated red onion
Breton lobster
Custard tart of leek, beets, pumpkin, avruga
Purée of eggplants, mussels, tomatoes, shrimps
Bresse chicken
Liver of fried duck, scampi, celeriac, endives
Custard tart in the chocolate, the mandarins, the pistachio nut, the caramel, the vanilla
Jens wish you the best for this new year 2017 !
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