Today I decided to tell you about one of my favorite recipes in Belgium: The waffle of Liège.


In Belgium, there are two types of waffles:



–       the Brussels waffle

–       the waffle of Liege


What are the differences?


It’s a question of shape and holes. The Brussels waffle is a large rectangular waffle, which has to be made with a special waffle iron and has only 20 holes. The waffle of Liège is smaller, rounded with 24 holes.

Brussels waffles (top) and Liegeoise (below) at Maison Dandoy in Brussels

How do you eat them?


The Brussels waffle is savoured without cutlery and is served with sugar, chantilly and strawberries.

The waffle of Liège has already large pieces of sugar pearled inside, but the Belgians (who are very greedy) enjoy this waffle with melted chocolate on top.


The story of the waffle of Liège:


First of all, it’s important to know that the waffle of Liège does not get its name from the superb Belgian town of Liège but thanks to workers who added pieces of cork in the Brussels waffles in order to make the dough more swollen. It was in the early 1950s that the government decided to replace the pieces of cork by pieces of sugar.


Why prefer it?


It must tell you why it’s this is my favorite recipe, although the Brussels is very good too.

What I especially appreciate in the Liège ones are the small nests of sugar housed in the soft dough that crunch under the teeth.


Tip: for more flavor, you have to eat this hot waffle in street shops those emit an intense smell.


And finally the long awaited moment of the recipe:


Ingredients :


–       1 kg of flour

–       75 g of yeast

–       5 dl of milk and water

–       50 g of sugar

–       2 eggs

–       500 g of butter

–       50 g of honey and vanillin

–       3 g of baking soda

–       600 g of pearled sugar


Preparation :


Make a dough with 800 g of flour, yeast, milk and water, sugar and eggs.

Let it grow for 15 minutes then add the butter, honey, 200 g of flour, salt and vanillin as well as baking soda.

Knead everything to get a homogeneous dough, let grow for 10 minutes in a temperate place. Then add the pearled sugar and divide into dough pieces of 90 to 140 g according to the iron. Let it grow a little.

Cook on low heat for large waffles and at high temperature for shallow irons.





Date de dernière mise à jour: 11 April 2017