While I was in France for my holidays, I had the opportunity to go visit one of my good friend, whom is from Afghanistan, in Grenoble, the city of my school. Since both of us are chefs, it is always an occasion to experiment, share and above all cook a nice diner. Today I’d like to share with you the recipe from our last meeting, a typical meal from Afghanistant, I call the Qabili Palau.




Qabili Palau is very good with tzatziki like cucumber



The intersting thing about this meal is it use an unusual cooking method as you are going to see below :


Ingredients for 4 people (or 2 very hungry ones) :


-One nice chicken, at least 1.5 kg, cutin 4 pieces

– 500 grams of Basmati rice

-3 white onions

-4 garlic cloves

-4 big carots

-150 grams of dried raisins

-a nice scpice-mix, masala style

-a nice vegetable bouillon

-Oil salt and pepper of course … 🙂


Let’s start with vegetables. Thinly chop onions, and make a julienne with carots. Smash and chop garlic.


In a big cast iron pot, brown the chicken with oil, until you got a beautiful golden color on all chicken.


Once this done, take the chicken out of the pot, and add carots and onions. Make it sweat without browning for more or less 10 minutes.


Then, put the chicken back in the pote with the vegeables, add garlic, spices and dried raisins. Cover all of this with bouillon, and cook slowly for 15 minutes. Now, add basmati rice carefully, because you want it to stay on surface, so stop mixing at this point. The rice is going to inflate and thus catch all the flavours of the chicken. Continue to cook slowly with a lid for another 20 mintues. Finally take the pot out of the fire and hermetically close it using some paper that you will put between the lid and the pot. Just let it rest a few minutes before serving.uer pour que celui-ci reste à la surface et gonfle afin d’emprisonner toutes les saveurs du plat. Replacez le couvercle et cuire à feu doux pendant 20 minutes.


The cool thing about this dish is that you use the rice kind as a lid and take profit of it to efficiently preserve all the tastiness of the ingredients.


Eat Qabili Palau with a side salad, some yoghurt or whatever you like ! A recipe to share with your friends of course !

Date de dernière mise à jour: 19 January 2017