The night is not maybe the best moment to visit a city and admire all its details it. But, the game of shadows and lights of facades is surprising in Brussels. We are allowed fast be a surprise by so much sharpness.



I began by visiting Grand Place, which is a symbolic place of Brussels registered on the UNESCO world heritage. It is lined by the houses of corporations, where lived the rich traders of the city, the City hall of Gothic style, and the House of King, which shelters the Museum of the city (unfortunately closed) today but which is dedicated to the heritage and to the history of the city of Brussels and to its urbanistic development of the origins in our days. And yes we cannot have everything! Its facades were lit in the perfection and revealed a quite recent repair.


La grande place de Bruxelles

The big square of Bruxelles


A little farther, a few steps away from the square for big legs, the symbol of a whole nation was held in front of me any right: the Manneken-Pis, a fountain which represents a stark naked little boy urinating. What surprised me at one o’clock so late, it is that there was another assemblage of people to admire him. To wonder why a small fountain arouses so much craze.





And then why to have represented a small child who has a pee? The history of Manneken-Pis, the real, remains a riddle … The most plausible of all the legends, is based on historic facts!



In 1142, Duke Godefroid III lives in the daytime. Unfortunately his father, Godefroid II died shortly after. Two vassals found the convenient moment to take weapons against their suzerain in the cradle. The Sire of Gaasbeek asked for the presence of the young duke on the battlefield.
His cradle was thus hung on the branch of a young oak. Four times pushed away, the army of the small Duke, for whom the battle seemed lost, was suddenly excited by the view of the child carrying out quietly the gesture remained famous. To commemorate his victory, we thus made bring up a fountain and the young oak was uprooted and replaced in the location of the street of the Oak.



Even if do we tell me that the Brussels Manneken-Pis is unique, you knew that it had a sister? Jeanneke-Pis is situated in the dead end of the Loyalty in Brussels …



I ended with my visit by Atomium big structure representing the conventional stitch of the iron crystal. As the Eiffel Tower in France, this one had to undergo the same fate and be defused after the World Fair in 1958. Renovated in 2006, it is highlighted at night thanks to subtle one lighting effect. Brussels by night or a route of bright works!





Date de dernière mise à jour: 2 February 2018