Hi everybody, I’m Margaux Bréhier, one of the 3 winners of Boiron Frères Young Talents Trophy and today I’m going to talk about my family and all the emotions I’m feeling before my big departure.
My dad, Franck is a big shy man who hides his feelings but I know he is dreading my departure. My mum, Isabelle is more expressive and sensitive and she having difficultis coping with the departure of her youngest daughter. It isn’t easy to let your children leave home but they know that cooking is my passion and this huge opportunity that was given to me is really incredible. I still can’t believe the luck I have to live this experience.
My big sisters, Valérianne and Camille, worried a bit for me but are so enthusiastic and happy for me. Otherwise all of my family will profit, because they’re going to come visit my country of adoption and discover the culture, the landscapes, and all of the things those beautiful countries have to offer. They have already planned dates, when they’re going to come see me during my journey, they have started searching unmissable places to visit, specialities to taste/enjoy and possibility of accommodation (not easy when you are lost on a small island in the Norwegian fjords !).
On my own, despite a small apprehension I know that all my family and friends are beside me. I’m surrounded well for this wonderfull adventure and I can’t wait to transmit what I see and live. I hope I’m going to give you a taste for travelling !!!



Me and my family in La Rochelle

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