The finalists will be evaluated by M. Franck Magaud Professor of Cooking at Lycée Jehanne de France (Lyon) or M. Samuel Martin Cooking teacher at the Lycée hôtelier de l’Hermitage (which hosts this Finale) and to whom nothing shall escape!

The 8 finalists will also be honored to introduce themselves to Alain Boiron, President of the Boiron Frères Foundation, Yves Arrieumerlou, Academy Inspector of Grenoble, Guy Van Cauteren, Bocuse de Bronze 1993, Michel Chabran, Michelin star and Raphaële Marchal, culinary blogger, for the interview and tasting step.


The written tests will be facilitated by Claire Jouanneault Director of the RMP Advertising Agency and Elodie Fabiole Project Manager of the Trophy.


Good last straight, we wish to all of you merry Christmas and New Year celebrations!

Date de dernière mise à jour: 20 December 2016