Since my arrival in Germany, the chef requests me to bring new ideas to the menus which are every month renewed. For this month, he asked me to propose him my version of the chocolate cake, I thought at once of a cake which realized the Japanese pastry chef of the restaurant Toya, restaurant in which one I made my four months of internship of BTS.

It is a simple chocolate cake but to not use some flour, he uses some dough of Azuki (a dough of red beans).
I thus presented the idea to Claus who was very enjoyed because he did not know this ingredient.
He ordered Azuki so that I realize myself the dough!

I share with you these original recipe of the chocolate / azuki Brownie.

When we received beans, I put them soaking into some water during 24 hours so that they reject their sourness and soften friendly. Rinse beans then them bring to a boil with twice their weight in volume of water (500G of beans, 1L of water) during 1 hour.




At the end of the cooking, there is not water anymore and it does not more remain than to mix beans.
When we obtained a very smooth dough, we add it 150G of brown sugar and we are going to put this mixture twice 2 min in microwave to dry out well the preparation. Well think of mixing before putting the second cycle of 2 minutes.
And to finish we add to the dough 80G of butter or oil.



My first home-made Azuki paste



The mixture before being in the oven

For the realization of the brownie, melt in the bain-marie 0,350G of dark chocolate which we add 0,250G of melted butter and 0,300G of dough of Azuki.

By side,  mix 0,250G of sugar and 5 eggs, then incorporate this mixture into the first preparation. Add 0,080G of hazelnuts (either pistachio nuts, cashew nuts, peanuts …) crushed. Fill your mold and put in the oven in 180°C during 25 min.

At the end of the tasting, the chef Claus Weitbrecht decided to put this brownie as dessert in his Menu Gourmet, accompanied by a tart with salted butter caramel and by a praline sponge-cake . What an enjoyment!


The new dessert of the menu Gourmet


Date de dernière mise à jour: 12 March 2018