Halibut is a pretty big deal in Norway. The name actually designates a fish which is from the northerns fjords. He lives in the deep water, until 500 meters, and is the biggest specy of flat fish known : its size can reach 2,5 meters for 300 kilogramms. And above all, it is very good to eat, the belly  is known to be the best part of the fish, with dishes entirely made from it. Halibut is here to recall us that Norway truly is awesome when it comes about fish. It’s one of the many species being directly fish in Norvegian waters, not far away from the coasts. Guarranted freshness !




A nice one


We cook it in a very simple way, grilled, roasted, with some pan fryed vegetables ; trying to preserve  flavors the best we can. In Brygga 11, it’s always a great joy to welcome some halibut in the kitchen, because fileting this fish is a very good practice, its flesh is so delicate, so your gestures need to be as precises as possible. When we receive it alive, we can give it Ikejime, which is a japanese killing technique that keep the flesh totally unharmed.

It is funny to  notice that halibut is not as appreciated in France than in Norway, however today, like a lot of other fish species, halibut is threatened by over fishing. Don’t eat to much !

Date de dernière mise à jour: 18 February 2017