Last Saturday, Brygga11 cooks and I drive to Haukeli ski center which is located 3 hours away from Stord.

  • Stord/Haukeli


Haukeli is well known for its ski slopes during winter. In the summer, people hike, fish hunt. It is also an area where hydropower is produced. We stay in a beautiful cabin surrounded by tons of snow! I have never seen so much of it. We are at the epitome of peacefulness, perfect after a week of work.

The next day, we head to the ski slopes. It’s a first for me because I have never skied before. Lee the chef, takes me to the kids’ park and teaches me how to stand and mi skies, how to slow down, to turn left, right etc.. Then it’s Øyvind’s turn to stay with me while the others are enjoying the magic of skiing.

  • Lee, Kjetil and Øyvind

    Lee, Kjetil and Øyvind

After a few minutes, the kids lift stops workng and we decide to try a slope… We get on the lift and stip half way since it’s my first slope. Super happy, I rush into this new adventure but then -BAAAAM!! I can’t help myself but taste the snow. Yuuumy!

Long story short I burst into laugher and realise i lost my skis. Øyvind helps me get back up and we take a break.

I decide to finish my day at the kids park. I can’t help but stare at the skiers going so fast, kids going off pist and admire little kids having their first experience with snow.

Around 5 we go back to the cabin. It’s a memorable day full of adrenalin! I can’t wait to go back and learn some more.

The day after, we wake up because we are supposed to ski again. We have breakfast and go back to sleep!

Yet, the view from the cabin is incredible:

  • Sunrise


  • Sunrise


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