The prize-winners of the first two years of the Boiron Frères Young Talent Trophy delighted journalists and guests of the Boiron Frères Fondation, including Michel Roth Bocuse d’Or 1991, Vice-President of the Bocuse d’Or Winners and Michel Lugnier, Inspecteur Général de l’Education Nationale (National Education senior inspector responsible for the hotel catering sector) at a superb dinner on 29 June in Paris.


Back from Norway, Cyndie Guillot imagined for starter a festival of Nordic savours and textures based on smoked trout, poached egg, and white butter… with edition #2 prize-winner, Pablo Leveau, at her side – always smiling and very concentrated. Floriane Brilhaut, back from Belgium, created a fish dish of very great subtlety: perfectly cooked with refined combinations with rhubarb, green asparagus, artichoke puree, and buckwheat. Félix seconded her, ever imperturbable and reliable. Naturally, Mélina had chosen to create the dessert, her passion: a farandole around a crumble, a butter cake, a yogurt and hibiscus sorbet and charlotte strawberries. With Valentine Payan, the dessert enthusiast of edition #2, giving zealous support.


These 6 prize-winners thus showed the Boiron Frères Young Talent Trophy in its true colours: lots of talent, lots of work – but lots of fun too and a very strong team spirit! Michel Roth was seen going from cooking range to cooking range tasting, savouring, and appreciating the culinary technique at work. The teachers and principals were taken aback by the transformation in Cyndie, Mélina, and Floriane – as much on the personal as on the culinary level. The readiness of the first three prize-winners to embark on their careers with excellence as their guiding star was palpable – as was the three aspirants’ eagerness to live this exceptional experience themselves.


Alain Boiron, the Chairman of the Foundation, rejoiced at this tremendous outcome – at the result of the unbelievable opportunity he offers every year to three young talents who bring such credit internationally to French cuisine.



Cyndie, prize-winner of the 2015 edition, busy clipping the herbs making up her dish entitled “Fraîcheur Nordique (Nordic Freshness)”
Pablo in the middle of composing the butter for Cyndie’s recipe.
The partnership Floriane and Félix conniving together before the starting signal for the evening.
Mélina and Valentine rubbing elbows to make the dessert section a success.
Alain Boiron and Michel Lugnier, Inspecteur Général de l’Education Nationale (National Education senior inspector responsible for the hotel catering sector) questioning Pablo, 2016 edition prize-winner, on the composition of this famous “Fraîcheur Nordique”. With Elodie Fabiole, the Foundation’s project manager, keeping an eye on everything in the background.
Moment of complicity for Floriane and Cyndie who formed very close ties throughout the Young Talent Trophy adventure.
The dishes are ready: Alain Boiron launches the evening next to Michel Roth.
To give your eyes a treat just take a look at this close-up of the "Fraîcheur nordique": a plate consisting of a trout marinaded in aquavit, a spirit very often used in Norway that Cyndie discovered at the side of the Bocuse d’Or 2009, Geir Skeie.
Main course
As main course Floriane and Félix have proposed a composition based on hake fillet, pickles, artichoke puree, rhubarb, asparagus, and brown butter – largely inspired by the cuisine of the Bocuse de Bronze 1999, Ferdy Debecker.
The dessert
Lastly, the sugared note with the dessert created by Mélina and Valentine - a crumble of almonds and charlotte strawberries, cake, yogurt and hibiscus sorbet, and elder flower.
The first two classes of the Trophy and their prestigious sponsors: Alain Boiron, Michel Roth, and Michel Lugnier.
Floriane takes advantage of Chef Michel Roth’s presence to give the details of her dish hake, pickles, artichoke puree, rhubarb, asparagus, and brown butter.
Floriane and Félix facing Thierry Besnault, Head of Professional Training at the CEPROC, Christian Frechede, Floriane’s Cuisine Teacher at the Lycée hôtelier of La Rochelle and Olivier Lemagner, Valentine’s Cuisine Teacher at the Lycée hôtelier of Marseille Bonneveine.
Pablo in the middle of discussing with Lionel Vasseur, Principal of the Lycée Le Touquet and Michel Lugnier
Date de dernière mise à jour: 29 December 2016