Hello, today I wanted to come back with you on my two last weeks at Eyckerhof !


So I started the first of July, for the evening service, right after my arrival from Paris. 🙂

I got the pleasure to be welcomed by an amazing team. They immediatly put me into it, and everybody took time to explain to me the Eyckerhof’ s kitchen bases.



From left to right : Koen, an extra working here only week ends, myself, Maxime the Sous-chef, the Chef himself, and Maurane a waitress 😀



I start along with the “Garde Manger” place, beside Jens. We send amuse bouches and starters here. It demands a lot of precision and attention, final result must catch the customer’s eye because it is the first impression they have. Once all starters finished, I go with the Chef and his Sous-Chef ; Maxime. I help them with the warm dishes plating. Finally come the desserts sending and the cleaning before taking a break.


Tataki !
Langoustine tomatoes and Burrata
Amuse bouches
Chocolate "parfait" and red fruits


Services from the first two weeks were almost all like that. It’s great beacause it allows me to disvover a lot of differents things and to have a preview of every jobs in the kitchen. I hope it’s going to go on like that :))




Eyckerhof’s terrace


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