Jerusalem artichokes bites



Last week, at the restaurant, it was time for the new menu’s brainstorm. We change it about every 3 weeks, depending of the guest’s demand and season of course !




Just a pan-fried egg ? Not at all, it actually is a confiit egg yolk with a potato emulsion and deep fried neetles…


To achieve this, the kitchen team is divided in two, with one part elaborating the dishes, and the second part assuring services like every other normal days.


Terrine d'épaule d'agneau condimentée
Une interprétation nordique de la barigoule !
Des morilles suédoises, peu commun !


Henrik and Andreas (the head chef) are leading the thinking process, but everybody participate by expressing their point of view. Plating is made again and again until everybody think it is perfect, even the waiters have a word to say!

Even after one week of designing, the dishes keep on changing depending on what the guests like and staff’s new ideas ! Really a great way to work !

Date de dernière mise à jour: 13 June 2017