The restaurant is at a half an hour from the Belgian capital that is why I spend it numerous days to discover this city which has to offer a lot.

When we go out of the central station we find ourselves snatched by the crowd and the big high rises, then we follow the flow and we find ourselves in the center of the big place. This place is magic, lined with buildings of different styles and very high, but which form a striking set.Life swarms on this place with all these restaurants, the museum of the beer, the various exhibitions and other animations were proposed by the City hall.

Then we leave getting lost in streets and in the angle of two of them we cross this funny small chap, emblem of the country, the Manneken-Pis. During my visits, I always saw him dressed in homage to the various demonstrations but also always surrounded well by a crowd of curious which hurries up to admire him.

Then we keep strolling in these streets, Brussels abounds in museums of contemporary art, in magnificent parks where he well makes settle itself in the grass a sunny day. I also took the opportunity to go into a maximum of chocolate factories and taste their specialities, the indigestion is not far, you will find there almost one at every corner of streets.

It is really a warm city because the majority of the population speak French, the inhabitants of Brussels are very welcoming and happy to share their culture.
Here is among others what Brussels has to offer, it always has something to do there or to make and especially always a good place where to eat!


Date de dernière mise à jour: 17 October 2017