He proposes in his establishment a sophisticated and greedy cuisine in a magnificent place. Surrounded with greenery, the restaurant can welcome up to 50 flatware in one chalerous and very chic room in tones of grey and wood.

In the kitchen, we are for the moment six , for the straters and amuse-bouche,Nicolas, Hannah, a trainee, and I. In the warmth, the chef is accompanied by Maxime and for the desserts, Céline is in charge. For the restaurant, they are four, Madam Debecker, Maurane, Silka and Nane, who also is in an internship in the establishment. The restaurant is open on tuesday since friday and on saturday evening.

Madam Debecker came to get me at the train station of Purrs on Tuesday, July 4th and that very evening, after my installation in a room above the restaurant, I start in the kitchen for my first service.
Thus I am at the post of starters and amuse-bouche with Nicolas, who trains me, and the evening as Céline does not work we also assure the service of the desserts.


Starter at Eyckerhof
Saumon en Gravlax et légumes
Dish at Eyckerhof
Lapin, navets, carotte et mini poireaux
Another dish at Eyckerhof
Couscous, agneau et légumes du soleil
Dessert at Eyckerhof
Cerise et chcocolat


I quickly manage to get my bearings in spite of the language, the Flemish, which is not a language easy to understand but all the team helps me and speaks in French for the announcement of vouchers, I learns step by step: numbers, the days of the week, at the end of these four months I will maybe speak fluently !
While waiting for in a week the restaurant closes its doors for two weeks of annual leave, I am going to take advantage of it to return in France to see my family and that will be the opportunity to celebrate my 20 years with them. See you soon for the continuation of my adventure!

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