Le porc Mangalica

Comme promis, quelques éléments à connaitre sur le jambon de Mangalica gouté en Hongrie lors d’un déjeuner chez Tamas Szell, Bocuse d’Or Europe 2016: Le porc Mangalica est une race hongroise autochtone. Il a des origines communes au porc de race ibérique. Le Mangalica a le poil épais et long qui ressemble à de la laine […]


Tamas Szell, restaurant Onyx

Tamas Szell, hungarian Chef gets gold medal for the european Bocuse d’Or 2016. He is also Onyx restaurant head Chef, one starred Michelin.   After the final, my friends and I look for a good restaurant in wich we would be able to eat in Budapest. The name “Onyx” appears everywhere. We decide to book […]

Bocuse d’Or Europe 2016

Hello everyone! I couldn’t wait for the Bocuse d’Or 2017, so my collegues and I booked a ticket to Budapest for the European selection:     If you’d like to know more about the Bocuse d’Or, here is a short article to know the essential:   Bocuse suédois Alexanger Sjögren & Hampus Risberg   I […]

Team work!

Bocuse Suédois Alexander Sjögren

Hey Floriane! You watched the belgians train and I the swedish!     But what’s the Bocuse d’or?     Long story short, Mister Paul Bocuse created this event in 1987 which is the most prestigeous cooking competition in the world. He inspired himself from sports events aiming to show the cooking industry to the […]


Service tack!

Here is a video I created for LuxDagforDag, Lotta and Henrik Norström’s restaurant: Everything is homemade, from the sausages to the onion rings…   More details about Henrik’s kitchen await, can’t wait to share them with you!


Have you ever heard of cloudberries?

This fruit grows in the northern countries and appears on 2 euros finnish coins.When it is eaten raw, it is sour. Full of vitamin C, northern sailors appreciate it very much. Here is a dessert made of cloudberry, this yellow raspberry can be used for jam, ice cream, cakes or panna cotta : This dessert […]


Portrait: Stefano, restaurant manager at Brygga11 Stord

After having a few chats with Stefano, I realised how interesting his professional life was. I asked him questions so you could discover his profile and his vision of catering as a restaurant manager! Stefano worked at The Vineyard at Stockcross 5* hotel, used to have 1 * Michelin when he was there, Newbury, Uk […]

fish tongue

In Norway, we eat fish tongue

  Last week, we recieved fish tongues, very common in Norway. It can be fried fish and chips way or just panné in flour and fried in butter. A sprinkle of salt, pepper chive and your dish is ready!   I tasted it and I find it hard to make the difference between tongue and […]


Week end in Belgium

Last week end, I went back to Belgium to visit my friends. I jumped on the ocasion to say hello to Madame Debecker and Eyckerhof team in Bornem, where I worked from July to October.   I also take this chance to share with you a video that is important to me : Madame Debecker interview […]

Cutting fresh fish

Cutting fresh fish!

Since we are working with the fishstore in Stord, we see fresh fish everyday in our production area. Today, the fishermen delivered 60 kilos of cod! Great! Its the perfect occasion to make photos. I would have loved to take a selfie but when you carry this 20 kilo beast, you’ll understand that it’s a […]

Last update: 30 December 2016