Conveiving a dish at Lux däg for däg

    Last week, at the restaurant, it was time for the new menu’s brainstorm. We change it about every 3 weeks, depending of the guest’s demand and season of course !       To achieve this, the kitchen team is divided in two, with one part elaborating the dishes, and the second part […]


A whole ship in a museum !

Visiting something special...


Finally Sweden !

  Last step in Sweden !   I’m leaving Hemsedal quite sad, saying goodbye to all the friends (but that’s how it works!), during a nice last evening.   I must admit that it’s a little bit stunned that I take the night bus to airport.   Plane fly off at 11 am, I’ve time […]



Halibut is a pretty big deal in Norway. The name actually designates a fish which is from the northerns fjords. He lives in the deep water, until 500 meters, and is the biggest specy of flat fish known : its size can reach 2,5 meters for 300 kilogramms. And above all, it is very good […]


Qabili Palau

  While I was in France for my holidays, I had the opportunity to go visit one of my good friend, whom is from Afghanistan, in Grenoble, the city of my school. Since both of us are chefs, it is always an occasion to experiment, share and above all cook a nice diner. Today I’d […]


Rakfish and Lutefisk

Every year, the Young Talents Trophy, organised by the Boiron Frères corporate foundation, offers its three prizewinners a year’s training abroad with one of three gourmet chefs (Bocuse d’Or Winners, …). It is an exceptional opportunity, recognised as such, just one year after it was created.


Dodentocht Walk

Dodentocht is a walk, but not your everyday walk, it’s an event gathering every year, for almost half a century now, more and more participants, more than 12 000 for the last two years ! And that’s not it, it is not only the nomber of runners which is impressive but also the distance, the […]


Seabuckthorn, an amazing plant !

Today, let’s talk about Seabuckthorn (or Argousier in french). A not well-know shrub, yet fascinating.   Seabuckthorn is bush growing in Alps, Asia, Eastern Europe, and even in Scandinavia. In France, it is mainly present in south Alps, particularly in “Hautes-Alpes” !   With its thorny look, it might be intimidating at first, however, it […]


Starting at Eyckerhof

Hello, today I wanted to come back with you on my two last weeks at Eyckerhof !


Graffiti in Antwerp !

Hello ! For my very first time in Antwerp, I had the chance to find a quite interesting street : Krugerstraat. Located in the south of city, in a deconsecrated industrial zone. A whole street dedicated to street art, where painters can express themselves on more than 3000 square meters of surface. I can tell […]

Last update: 29 December 2016