Asparagus is the season

Asparagus, a seasonal dish, but are they all the same? Despite the same variety between French and German asparagus, they have great differences. Their colours, tastes and size


Freiburg im Breisgau

he first visits began as well as the tastings of local specialities. Here, unlike the "flat country" as Brel would say, the mountains and valleys predominate. At the bend of a stroll or a...


The ingredient that improves all your dishes is time!

After my passage in Belgium and my delayed arrival in Germany because I made a brief passage in France, it was necessary for me to take again the rhythm of the ...


What I remember from Belgium…

Four months already! My Belgian period will have been intense, full of lessons, I did not see anything past so much there was to do! I would never have thought this country would be so different from France given our proximity.

Boule et Bill. Rue du Chevreuil.

The Brussels frescos

Art is a means of communication beyond the verbal which can transmit an emotion and allows to escape. It can be transcribed on many things such as the architecture of a building, the kitchen or even on canvas. In Brussels,...


What if the smallest city in the world had the biggest surprise!

Durbuy, a small town in Belgium in the East, reminds me of my home. With its stone houses and paved streets. A fairytale castle, situated at the top of a cliff overlooking....


Night-visit of Brussels

The night is not maybe the best moment to visit a city and admire all its details it. But, the game of shadows and lights of facades is surprising in Brussels. We are allowed fast be a surprise by so much sharpness.


The Bocuse d’Or Belgium

The September 19th took place the national team of Belgium in Ghent (third more big city of Belgium). The Chef Ferdy Debecker is the President of the association of Bocuse d' Or Winners and ...


The train trip

By being in Norway I owed leave visiting this country of the inside. I sank into lands to admire " deep Norway ". This Norvège, is different from that of the ...


The cooking at Ørjan Johannessen

With all these small escapades, I was going to forget to speak to you of the most importing, what for what I came in Norway: the Cooking of Ørjan Johannessen. Big winner in the Bocuse of World Gold in 2015 in Lyon and in ...

Last update: 11 October 2017