Belgium’s Bocuse d’Or Winners 2015

Hello everyone ! Today Im lucky to participate and to take part of the organisation of the Belgium’s Bocuse d’Or Winners ! This day was amazing and i want to show you what kind of recepies the 5 finalists have done ! First of all, the subject of the final was :  1st dish : […]

The restaurant

First week in Belgium

After few days in my new restaurant, its time for me to speak about it  ! I arrived the 1st of november in Bornem, Belgium. My room is located just on the second floor of the Kitchen. Its very easy for me : im working and living at the same place ( im never late 😉 The […]


Amazing weekend in Junkön

The Lux Day By Day restaurant has a golden rule : they work with quality products they know well to enhance their taste. So what better idea than to visit the places where the products are made and help make them ? With that idea in mind, we go to the Junkön island (located in […]

The team

Tournoi de Foot : la Sorunda Cup 2015 !

Aujourd’hui, les garçons de la brigade ont une requête toute particulière à mon intention : dimanche a lieu le tournoi de football, où s’affrontent chaque année tous les restaurants de Stockholm (Sorunda Cup), et toutes les équipes doivent compter une fille... !

Cyndie - Course Stockholm by Night

Premier week-end à Stockholm : Pas le temps de souffler !

De retour depuis une semaine à Stockholm, je n’ai pas eu le temps de me poser! Et ce week –end ne fait pas exception !


Lunch at the Bocuse d’Or winners restaurant

Hello ! As you know, I was at the SIRHA this year with Floriane and Mélina.  We saw the winner of the competition : Ørjan JOHANNESSON, a thirty year old Norvegian. His restaurant is in Bekkjarvic, which is a small island close to Stord. I decided to go there with 2  of my collegues for […]

Direction Stockholm

Good bye Stord !

Après 5 semaines passées à Stord, le moment est venu pour moi de quitter cette belle île et de retourner à Stockholm.


The Bocuse d’Or Final

Melina, Floriane and I have been lucky enough to go to the SIRHA (the International Cooking Show in the Hotel and Food Trade) that took place in Lyon from January, 24th to January, 28th 2015. That event welcomed the Final of the Bocuse d'Or on January, 27th and 28th.


Memories are made of this…

Ten days after the Final of the Boiron Frères Young Talent Trophy, I was back for my first day of blog coaching, at the Head Office of the company known for its famous fruit and vegetable purees. I had barely reached the entrance when memories began bustling around in my head. Although I felt calm as I crossed the threshold, it was not really the case back on Friday 16th January!

Last update: 26 May 2015