What a great final! The first Boiron Frères Young Talents Trophy. It took place on 16 January and everyone – candidates, supporters and organisers – experienced a very intense day.

It was still dark when Alain Boiron welcomed the participants arriving from all over France. He recalled his attachment to this first project of the Boiron Frères Corporate Foundation for the transmission of know-how. A great opportunity is given to 3 young people to develop their talent and live an exceptionally formative experience, technically and culturally

Everyone was in their starting blocks at 8.45 a.m.: participants began the day’s events: one in the laboratory to create a recipe, another in the form of a written test in the coco room, a third was an interview with the jury. Everything ran smoothly according to plan thanks to seamless organisation. The candidates were surprisingly supportive, each willing to help the other out.

The jury, composed of Alain Boiron, President of the Boiron Frères Corporate Foundation, Michel Roth, President of the Bocuse d’Or Winners Association, Yves Arrieumerlou, Education Inspector of Grenoble and Member of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees and Gaël Etrillard, Technical Consultant Asia, invited candidates to present their dish and express their motivations, in French and English.

Technique is crucial to work in such prestigious teams but it was not the only skill assessed.

The candidate’s personality, taste for learning and autonomy also counted. The jury of the written test meanwhile assessed their qualities of expression as they will ultimately be required to write blog articles.

This was the fine balance that the three finalists achieved in the opinion of the jury. Their names were announced by Michel Roth: Cyndie Guillot of Lycée François Rabelais in Lyon, Floriane Brilhaut of Lycée of La Rochelle, and Mélina Greiss of Lycée Paul Augier in Nice. Three young talented and determined women that are also discreet and eager to learn. We can already imagine the pleasure and curiosity with which they will share their experience.

Next steps: from next week with a first coaching day in how to produce their blog, followed the very next day by an eagerly awaited appointment at the Sirha Exhibition. Our 3 winners will meet their sponsors, the three Bocuse Winners Chefs Ferdy Debecker, Geir Skeie, and Henrik Norström, who will take turns to welcome them in their team to produce the very finest cuisine!

Date de dernière mise à jour: 30 December 2016